What you need to know…

Getting divorced is usually more involved than merely ‘untying the knot’. Most cases require considerable expertise along with an understanding of each divorcee’s unique situation. The stress and trauma normally associated with divorce matters often cause people to act irrationally and impulsively, regardless of whether it is contested or uncontested.

It is therefore advisable for anyone contemplating a divorce to obtain professional guidance before making some of the most critical decisions with irreversible long-term consequences. Rather consult someone who divorce all the time like a divorce attorney, than someone who does so once, or maybe twice, in a lifetime, like family or friends. It could mean the difference between a lifetime of serenity and contentment or one of bitterness and regret since, once the Court has granted the order, there is no ‘reset button’ to reverse possible damages.

Uncontested Divorce
In the event of divorce becoming inevitable, an unopposed divorce is usually the ideal scenario, this can potentially save the couple considerable amounts of time and money.
However, care should be taken to ensure that the mediation process is fair and unbiased and that a proper settlement agreement is in place to protect all the parties. If children are involved, it is crucial, even for uncontested divorces, to consider consulting a divorce professional, if only for guidance.
Although uncontested DIY-divorces masquerade as cheap alternatives, the outcome is seldom fair for the same reasons given above as parties involved are often blind-sided by the trauma and the many variables of a divorce.

Contested Divorce

Divorce proceedings are instituted or defended, depending on the nature of the divorce. The complexity, duration and accompanying cost of which could be significantly influenced by factors such as the grounds for divorce, for example Family Violence, Adultery or Alienation of Affection and when children are involved, maintenance and child support, parental care of children (custody) and contact with visitation of children.

Who to contact

If all options are exhausted, relationship counselling floundered or circumstances calls for divorce, discussing your unique divorce circumstances with an expert divorce attorney would not only simplify the divorce procedure but could also provide a solid foundation for a new beginning.