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As Partner of SSLR Incorporated, Elize Le Roux also heads the department dealing with Family Law in the firm.

Ante-nuptialElize attended the University of Johannesburg (RAU as it then was) where she obtained her LLB degree in 2003. She is admitted as an attorney and has the right to appear in the High Court.

She contracted her articles to a litigation practice in Johannesburg and gained extensive experience in family law as well as criminal and civil litigation. After being admitted as an attorney in June 2004 she was appointed as a professional assistant at the same firm.

After almost 10 years’ service she left the firm and joined Steyn & Steyn as Senior Associate in January 2012 and was promoted to partner in October 2012.

Why a marriage contract?
The success of the marriage depends to some extent on the consensus reached by a couple before the marriage, regarding the matrimonial property system to govern their marriage (the pre-nuptial agreement reached), referred to as the antenuptial agreement (ANC) in South Africa.

However, since this is so pivotal to a couple’s future together, how can newly-weds be expected to envisage circumstances that would warrant such careful consideration and planning, and still make sensible decisions regarding the types marriage contracts, if they had never been exposed to any of it?

Getting your head around the various options of ‘married in community of property’ or ‘out of community of property’, ‘antenuptial contract with accrual’ or ‘without accrual’, and so on, can be rather daunting. Especially since it might not even be relevant at the time of executing the antenuptial contract.

Since prospective spouses have to decide together what the consequences of the various systems will mean for them, it is crucial for anyone contemplating a wedding to consider obtaining professional guidance before making some of the most critical decisions, sometimes with irreversible long-term consequences.

For a detailed discussion on marriage contracts, be sure to read the more elaborate explanation on antenuptial contracts.

At SSLR Inc., our devoted family law attorney will guide and assist you to make sensible choices regarding your antenuptial contract and a Notary Public in the firm will attest the ANC.

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Antenuptial Contracts Online

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Customary Law

The RCMA recognises all customary marriages that were valid under customary law.


In South Africa, a civil marriage is, by default, a marriage in community of property. To marry out of community of property, an ante-nuptial contract needs to be signed by the spouses in the presence of two witnesses and attested by a notary public.

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