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Client relations enjoy the highest priority at the firm Anita Grobler Attorneys with a no-compromise approach to the strict rules of informational confidentiality.

Divorce AttorneyAnita holds the degrees BLC and LLB obtained from the University of Pretoria. She is an admitted Attorney with right of appearance in the High Court.

Specialising in matrimonial matters, Anita’s fields of practice include Civil Unions, Co-habitations of unmarried couples, Divorces, the Provisions of the Children’s Act, the parental rights of contact to children, their primary care, maintenance and related matrimonial issues. She also handles general litigation matters.

Besides extensive knowledge and 24 years’ experience in her fields of expertise as a practising attorney in South Africa, Anita is also a qualified Solicitor in England & Wales.

Aspects of Matrimonial affairs falling within the firm’s scope include:

All aspects of marriage, divorce, maintenance and custody law.

Instituted divorce proceedings as well as Rule 43 applications. Contested or uncontested divorce applications and conducting of divorce trials. In cases where a basis for settlement could be established, constructive negotiations are initiated.

Claim for damages
Adultery and alienation of affection.

Including orders in terms of the Domestic Violence Act, 116 of 1998.

Advice on maintenance law; attending on applications for maintenance and non-compliance with court orders.

Child Custody issues
Applications for access and contact. Criminal proceedings in event of abuse in the matrimonial home. Arrangement of family advocate and child-line appointments.

For a discussion on the attorney’s role in divorce, be sure to visit Getting a divorce.

The offices of Anita Grobler Attorneys are situated conveniently off CR Swart Avenue, Kempton Park with ample free parking facilities and away from the busy city centre.

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Useful Links

Application for Maintenance Order

This informative government website provides information on a wide range of maintenance related issues including the steps to follow, cost, application forms and contact details for obtaining a maintenance order or to have an existing order amended.

Office of the Family Advocate

The Office of the Family Advocate is involved in the evaluation and recommendation to the relevant Court upon written request by a party in a divorce action or application related to disputes over primary care or contact or any aspect of parental rights of children.


…discussing your unique divorce circumstances with a knowledgeable divorce attorney could ensure a solid foundation for a new beginning.

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