Creative Solutions to Contested or Uncontested Divorce Matters

Getting divorced usually involves more than merely ‘untying the knot’. It requires considerable expertise along with an understanding of each divorcee’s unique situation.

Divorce ringThe stress and trauma normally associated with divorce matters often cause people to act irrationally and impulsively, regardless of whether it is contested or uncontested.

It is therefore crucial for anyone contemplating a divorce to consider obtaining professional guidance before making some of the most critical decisions with irreversible long-term consequences.

It could mean the difference between a lifetime of serenity and contentment or one of bitterness and regret. Once the Court has granted the order, there is no ‘undo button’ to reverse possible damages.

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Getting Divorced

Even with divorce becoming increasingly more commonplace, a great deal of uncertainty regarding the divorce process stems from the lack of knowledge on how to divorce, since most divorcees only get divorced once. In this event, the last thing he or she needs is assistance from someone who lacks experience, knowledge and understanding of the divorce procedures and what divorcees are going through. Specialist divorce lawyers are experienced in the divorce process and are also completely familiar with family law, the divorce act and procedures applicable in the High Court and Regional Courts.

If the divorce is unopposed, why consult an attorney?
It is only natural to think of avoiding legal costs when suddenly faced with the unexpected and multiplied living expenses when one partner leaves the matrimonial home. Given the circumstances, it may be tempting to consider a Do-It-Yourself divorce. Unless this is a very simple, straight forward divorce without any complex issues, it could have dire consequences.

Divorce cases have many variables while the parties and circumstances are hardly ever the same. Even in uncontested divorces, the complexity of legal issues requires a great deal of objectivity, knowledge and experience, as when dividing a complex estate or splitting of the pension interest.

Basic issues between the parties, Primary Care and Child Custody, Parental Rights and Duties, Maintenance and the Division of Joint Assets or the Application of the Accrual System in Marriages out of Community of Property, can be quite simple to settle for an experienced divorce lawyer. It could also potentially delay the process indefinitely due to misconceptions, lack of understanding of the law or even worse, entering into an agreement without obtaining legal advice prior to putting pen to paper.

A High Court divorce can be rather costly, but could end up costing ten-fold more when trying to rectify mistakes afterwards, if at all possible. By doing it correctly from the outset, it will save the whole family the further trauma and expense of trying to remedy blunders later.

If all options are exhausted, discussing your unique divorce circumstances with an expert divorce attorney would not only simplify the divorce procedure but could also provide a solid foundation for a new beginning.

Useful Links

Application for Maintenance Order

This informative government website provides information on a wide range of maintenance related issues including the steps to follow, cost, application forms and contact details for obtaining a maintenance order or to have an existing order amended.

Office of the Family Advocate

The Office of the Family Advocate is involved in the evaluation and recommendation to the relevant Court upon written request by a party in a divorce action or application related to disputes over primary care or contact or any aspect of parental rights of children.


…discussing your unique divorce circumstances with a knowledgeable divorce attorney could ensure a solid foundation for a new beginning.