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At Creighton Attorneys we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with accurate and honest legal advice regarding labour relations.

Employment LawOur committed team knows that labour relations can be frustrating to understand for both employers and employees. At our firm, however, all matters and processes will be proficiently explained, to put your mind at ease.

We build long term relationships with our clients by providing our cost-effective services at competitive tariffs.

Sincerity, honesty, loyalty and commitment are the core values that we, at Creighton Attorneys, stand for, and this is exactly what you will experience at our firm.


Aspects covered by our expertise include:
• Dispute resolution
• CCMA and Bargaining Council
• Labour Court and High Court
• Informal mediation and negotiation
• Formal mediation and arbitration
• Internal disciplinary hearings

We offer industry-focused services to organisational clients by providing the support they need – wherever they need it – whether the boardroom or the factory floor – regardless of the size of the business.

Besides litigation and labour dispute resolution, we also assist businesses in the planning of proper human resources and labour relations practices in both the commercial and industrial sectors which include:
• Employment contracts
• Audit of Business Compliance with Labour related legislation
• Drafting and implementation of Workplace Policies
• Consulting services to Employers organisations and Unions
Specialist advice also includes topics such as Sexual Harassment, Protected Disclosures, Code of Good Practice and Disciplinary Procedures.

Whether your matter involves a bargaining council, the CCMA or the Labour Court, we will guide and assist you every step of the way. To schedule a consultation, contact Creighton Attorneys directly or complete and submit the Contact Form below.


Bargaining Council and CCMA cases are often lost by employers merely for not following the correct disciplinary procedures. Even though the reasons for the dismissal of an employee may have been valid, it is likely to be deemed an unfair dismissal.

Labour Audit

Our specialist labour lawyer in Boksburg will quickly assess and establish if a company adheres to the basic requirements set out by the Labour Act and point out potential problems that could be avoided.

The absence of a written contract of employment could severely compromise an employer’s position in a labour dispute.

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