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DH Myburgh is an accomplished Labour Law specialist with a passion for the profession.

Employment LawShe has obtained the degrees BA(Law), B Proc, LLB & LLM (Labour Law) from Stellenbosch and UNISA. Besides a Master’s degree in Labour Law, Ms Myburgh’s in-depth knowledge of the subject is backed by many years of experience in this field of specialisation. Before practising for own account, Ms Myburgh has held positions in various law firms as well as corporate and governmental organisations.

As labour attorneys and labour consultants, we deal with labour related issues ranging from planning to dispute resolution. We are distinctly geared to serving the needs of employers and employees alike.


Aspects covered by our expertise include:

• Dispute resolution
• CCMA and Bargaining Council
• Labour Court and High Court
• Informal mediation and negotiation
• Formal mediation and arbitration
• Internal disciplinary hearings

We offer industry-focused services to organisational clients by providing the support they need – wherever they need it – whether the boardroom or the factory floor – regardless of the size of the business.

Besides litigation and labour dispute resolution, we also assist businesses in the planning of proper human resources and labour relations practices in both the commercial and industrial sectors which include:
• Employment contracts
• Audit of Business Compliance with Labour related legislation
• Drafting and implementation of Workplace Policies
• Consulting services to Employers organisations and Unions

Specialist advice also includes topics such as Sexual Harassment, Protected Disclosures, Code of Good Practice and Disciplinary Procedures.

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The Layman’s Guide

How to litigate at Arbitrations and Disciplinary Hearings

Important guidelines and practical examples on how to present evidence, conduct examination-in-chief, cross examine and re-examine witnesses.

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… without her assistance the outcome would have been very different. Her services were worth every cent.

~ Dr Claire Phillips

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with D Myburgh. She is an open, honest, ethical and approachable attorney. From the onset I could see she was interested in helping me, always had my best interests at heart and settled my case under a month.

~ L Matthews

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