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SSLR Inc is a specialist property law firm. Our dedicated conveyancing department is operated by a team of conveyancers, paralegals and candidate attorneys who are passionate about people and property.

Deed of transferWe attend to the transfer of immovable property and, since we are independent from banks, you can be assured of our objective advice and opinion in all property matters.

To ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency in the firm, we use only the latest software and property transfer systems available.

We have conveyancers who are permanently situated in the Deeds office in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, while our on-site conveyancer manages the day-to-day activities of the conveyancing team. Our automated systems allow for highly competitive rates. Be sure to ask us for a quote.

Conveyances handled by the firm include:
• Property transfers
• Bond registrations
• Registration of Sectional Title Units
• Contract Law – Drafting & Litigation

Fast-forward Property Transfers in Johannesburg

Assuming that all the correct documentation is in place, issues in the system like hold-ups at the Deeds Office or SARS are unlikely to be influenced by buyers and sellers and are handled by the conveyancing attorney.

Correct legal documentation and processes are vital to the efficient and smooth running of the transfer of property, and the entire conveyancing process, and this is where buyers and sellers play an important part.

These simple guidelines can help reduce the time-frame of a property transfer significantly:
1. Buyers should ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover all the transfer costs as stipulated in the contract. In most instances, Conveyancers will refuse to register transactions until their fees are paid.

2. Sellers should ensure that they obtain the relevant electrical, plumbing, gas and borer beetle certificates immediately once the contract is signed. Electrical certificates of compliance are only valid for two years if no further electrical work was done to the property.

3. As a condition for registration of a transfer, the seller should ensure that all the rates are paid up to date along with advance collections for rates and services.

4. It is in the interest of the seller that the date of transfer coincides with the date of occupation. The seller often allows for occupation before the property transfer, during which time an occupational rent is paid. It is during this period that the buyer sometimes spot defects unnoticed before or just get second thoughts about the purchase. Buyers may then try to ‘renegotiate’ or look for loopholes to cancel the sale, which may not be legal and it could result in unnecessary delays.

5. To ensure sufficient control on funds handled by the attorney and conveyancer in charge, and to prevent delays resulting from incomplete information, a conveyancer may require any of the following before making any payment:
• Proof of authorised signatory to the nominated bank account;
• Written instructions (both spouses, where applicable);
• In the event of changes to the nominated bank account for payment of funds, to visit the offices of the conveyancing attorneys with proof of ID to sign a new Authority for Payment (both spouses where applicable).
• Compliance with all Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) requirements.
• If email used for communication, that the same email address is used as provided in the outset, throughout the process.

Our friendly and efficient staff comes highly recommended, as is evident from our references. If you need advice on a property contract or assistance with the transfer of property, contact our property attorneys to discuss your needs.

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A smooth property transfer begins with the appointment of property attorneys who knows how to manage the conveyancing process effectively and to resolve problems immediately if and when they arise.
I just wish to express my appreciation for the great service and professionalism in the handling of the sale of my property. I have bought and sold many properties over the years. This sale had complications generated by other outside parties and your team managed to resolve relatively painlessly. My previous property transfer was with a big name firm and the service was atrocious and incompetent. What I appreciated and valued highly was the continual communication with respect to the process. A job well done. I have no hesitation in recommending Steyn & Steyn. I will also be using you again for future transfers. ~ Chris Hart

Chief Strategist, Investment Solutions

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